How long does it take for an HUD 221(D)(4) application to be approved?

The HUD 221(D)(4) Application Approval Timeline

Just how long does it take to process an HUD 221(d)(4) loan? That depends. For a MAP one-stage application, the process will take about 5-7 months. In contrast, for a MAP two-stage application, the process is more likely to take around 8-10 months. 

What is MAP? 

MAP, or the Multifamily Accelerated Processing Guide, is a HUD loan processing guide intended to reduce the time it takes for a loan to get approved. To do this, the HUD created a more standardized system of documentation, and gave slightly more responsibility to designated MAP lenders. 

One-Stage vs. Two-Stage MAP Applications  

If you're considering getting an HUD 221(d)(4) loan for a new construction, it will pretty much always be a two-stage application. Faster, one-stage application processing is reserved for market-rate properties that will undergo rehabilitation, but won't undergo: 

  • Major unit reconfiguration

  • Tenant displacement (except for short durations)

  • Reduction in current occupancy

  • Negative cash flow

MAP one-stage processing is also available for properties that are affordable or rental-assisted.  

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